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Planning Analytics

Turning data into dollars by allowing transit agencies to unlock the value of their existing data. 


Self Serve Analytics 

Create your own Dashboards and Reports.  No longer are your systems hard to get reports out of.  Contact us for a demo.

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Transit Intelligence
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TransTrack Systems offers the transit industry a business intelligence solution that transforms volumes of data into meaningful information for transportation managers and executives to use in developing immediate actions, strategies, and plans to ensure optimal operations and performance.

Our flagship product, TransTrack Manager improves on a daily basis and assists in long-term goal setting and performance improvement for your organization.

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CTA Conference Technology
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TransTrack User Conference
Anaheim –

Case Study: RTD "Show Me the Numbers"
Gloria Salazar, San Joaquin RTD

You Have the Data, Now What?
Joseph Raquel, Foothill Transit

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