TransTrack Manager

TransTrack Manager provides a central structure for collecting, consolidating and storing data from multiple systems to provide managers with easy access to key information that is normally found in different parts of the organization.

  • Designed and developed by industry professionals
  • Constantly being updated with new technologies and features
  • Managers have real-time access to meaningful data. Say farewell to dispersed data and duplication of data entry
  • Monitors daily operations; helps establish benchmarks, identify trends, predict future outcomes and measure progress towards the organization’s goals
  • Inputs data either directly into user-friendly screens or imports it from existing systems
  • TransTrack Manager is web-based, additional hardware does not need to be installed. Training is also less costly and time-consuming because users are already familiar with their own systems

Great management begins with better data and better data means better decisions. TransTrack Manager® turns transit data into Business Intelligence.

  1. Performance Scorecards and Management Dashboards
  2. National Transit Database (NTD) Reporting
  3. Transit Services and Route Plan
  4. Ridership and Farebox Revenue
  5. Service Quality, Safety, and Operations
  6. Transit Service Costs and Revenues
  7. Training, Certifications, and Labor Productivity
  8. Purchased Transportation Contract Compliance
  9. Fleet Inventory, Inspections, Roadcalls, and Fueling
  10. Customer Complaints

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